The definition of pop culture (or popular culture) in general is the entirety of ideas, perspective, attitudes, images, and other phenomena that are within the mainstream of a given culture. Heavily influenced by mass media, this collection of ideas permeates the everyday lives of the society.

Pop culture event is a planned public or social occasion that celebrates the historic and ongoing contribution of popular contents to art and culture.


Popcon Asia is the premier pop culture event by Popcon Inc, dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for creative and popular art forms. It is an expertly curated convention and festival where creators from all aspects of the popular arts, curators and fans converge to celebrate the latest content from comics, games, TV, film, toys, music and technology.

In its current Jakarta-based incarnation, Popcon Asia strives to be a must-attend event on the pop culture convention schedule.

Popcon’s Objectives

To be the platform

  • For creative talents to show and market their work

  • For creative talents to meet, share ideas, and expanding their networks

  • Of appreciation for professional creative workers and general public

  • For creative talents to learn the latest technology and knowledge.


  • Comic Artists & Publishers
  • Illustrators
  • Game Studios, Game Designers (card game, board game, mobile and digital)
  • Filmmakers, Producers, Film Studios
  • Writers
  • Distributors content service providers
  • Publishers
  • Education services – schools, design faculties, courses on design, film making, animation
  • Toys Designer and Distributors

Who’s coming?

  • Investors who look for creative assets
  • TV industry player, internet, and other entertainment channels
  • Distribution companies
  • Film publishers, distributors
  • Design, and Art lovers
  • Fans
  • Students looking for design education channels
  • Brand Managers
  • Advertising Agencies

Previous Events

VISITOR:  139.398


Popcon Asia 2012
27 June – 1 July 2012, Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center

Popcon Asia 2013
5 – 7 July 2013, Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center

Popcon Asia 2014
19 – 21 September 2014, Smesco Exhibition Hall

Popcon Asia 2015
7 – 9 August 2015, Jakarta Convention Center

Pop Talk September 2015
19 September 2015, Conclave

Pop Talk October 2015
6 Oktober 2015, Conclave

Inktober Indonesia 2015 Exhibition
31 Oktober – 1 November 2015, Conclave

Popcon Surabaya 2016
4 – 5 Juni 2016, Siola

Popcon Asia 2016
12 – 14 Agustus 2016, Jakarta Convention Center

Popcon Asia 2017
4 – 6 Agustus 2017, Jakarta Convention Center